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“All That Glitters Are Not Gold”- In this era of a buttload of successful and famous musicians it’s everyone’s dream to find out their inner talent, to open up and learn to sing and try to follow the paths of their favourite artists or try to be as good, while others strive to improve their vocals with guidance and practice. This decade has seen a ton a lot of wanna be singers emerging out of nowhere especially due to the rising popularity of spotify and related apps, it’s just a child’s play to record your own album and publish it within a snap of a finger. This has motivated a lot of people to come forward and start singing. Now that we have  understood that there are a lot.. By that I mean a really lot singers out there, it’s important to find out how to make you the shining star in between a swarm of stars out there, and the question arises-  why aren’t most of the exasperating artists unable to get a grip and skyrocket their career, that brings us back to the very beginning, Yes! All that glitter are not gold, There are a lot of teachers out there which might look conceivable but it isn’t necessary that they can be qualified, anyone can be a poser and we wouldn’t want you to take a step on the wrong note, categorising and choosing potential class/teachers imposes a few requirements to be asked. Selecting a wrong music teacher could be fatal by cloaking your inner talent and creativity hence guiding you along a wrong path.So,  It’s really Important to find yourselves the best music class or teacher out there suitable to your needs and voice,it can be really hectic and exhausting to do so..but we at have you covered and wants to help guide and push you in the right direction and  help you get that strong base and foundation which can only be achieved by the perfect music class/teacher.


Ask Around

Try asking your friends and family about any good vocal teachers in their knowledge. If you happen to stumble upon someone from them, digging up by a small online research won’t do any harm. This is a good way to get a list of potentially good teachers in your locality. But this doesn’t mean you should fully dedicate to that teacher. There are a few more steps to overcome before you fully committed to any vocal teacher. And once you are committed it’s ideal or strictly not recommended not to change your teacher. If you are searching for singing classes from any schools or training centers you should make certain that you will be attended by only one teacher. Unless when you try out new forms or genres of music. So in the beginning it is just good to stick with just one teacher who is capable and qualified to teach most forms of singing. Visit to have a look at some exceptional vocal teachers/classes. Look through the reviews and comments as it can be the most basic and powerful step in helping you find your next vocal teacher.


Trial And Error

Just like stated it isn’t recommended to commit to a teacher or class as soon as you see them.Try to get into a trial class, see if the teacher can be dedicated and committed , music should be taught with love and patience, if you notice any sign of  being left out or unattended it is unequivocally certain that you shouldn’t  waste a single second dawdling  there as your teacher  isn’t fit nor capable to teach you.Commitment and love should be the key values you look onto a teacher. Even if a teacher has a good voice and sings very well the above attributes should be fulfilled in order for him/her to be a good teacher, besides the gift of teaching isn’t graced to all,

So at the end of the day attending introductory/trial classes prove to be important to identify your teachers calibre and if the teacher isn’t able to meet up with your needs or standards be swift to switch to someone else. It is also not necessary that you choose teachers with a degree,they can prove to be expensive besides  there are many good teachers who don’t have degrees, prioritizing performance experience and reputation over degree will be the quintessential move nevertheless having a degree is also good. P.S- while finding a singing voice specialist make sure they have a masters degree. Do also check the teaching environment and make sure there is no external interference and the class is soundproof. Also do not commit to any online classes as it is difficult for the teachers to correct you over online platforms. Singing is an unregulated industry and its tough to find a good singing teacher, but mostly great singing teachers fall in one of these categories whether they be a stylist coach, technical coach or a singing voice specialist – make sure your teacher falls in one of these categories it is optimal if a your teacher has all these qualities. More experienced singing teachers often are seen teaching in their private studios rather than in a class, they also tend to have a good website.


Don’t Be Shy To Ask Questions

This is the main step in helping find a good vocal teacher for you. Once you think you have gathered some potential names of your next music teacher, the next step is to contact them ideally through phone or by a direct meeting. Firstly, ask them about their qualifications and experience followed by how long they have been performing. Once you ask them these questions you basically get an idea of the level of the teacher you are potentially going to sign up for. Further, inquire if they are an active member in any music association. Also, ask them whether they are a classical teacher or a contemporary teacher, are they theater centric? Inquire about their theater equipment, and lastly ensure whether it might be possible for you to get a performance opportunity. If you think the teacher matches your profile and the style of singing you are looking for then hands down try to join an introductory class with the teacher.

Here are some additional questions that you can ask the teacher – fees structure, qualification and institute of qualification, availability of trial lessons, possibility to see the way of teaching while other students are present, the average age of students they teach. Visit to get listings of amazing music teachers with reviews hence simplifying your process to find your next singing teacher through a hassle free experience..

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