Top 10 Taekwondo Classes In Singapore

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top 10 taekwondo classes in Singapore

Taekwondo Classes For The Whole Family

By JH Kim Taekwondo Institute

JH Kim Taekwondo Institute is an established martial arts school in Singapore for children and adults, focusing on enriching and training to bring about physical and mental well-being. They now have two other schools that offer kids and adults classes in Singapore and Korea. Opened in 2015 and 2017 respectively, the Sengkang branch and Jeju branch conduct activities and lessons that are tailored for children and adults of different levels. Among all taekwondo Singapore school, JH Kim institute is a well established and one of the best in providing professional lessons and training. One of the best institute for Martial Arts in Singapore where training and lessons are provided for all forms.


Taekwondo for Adults

By Jeong-In Taekwondo Education Center

No matter how reputable a dance studio is, there would be some dance style which they excel at, helping build them that reputation. An easy way to find if your dance style or teacher of that particular genre is outstanding in helping the students conquer the art with at most excellence in the studio or class which you are looking into, an easy way to do is to ask around and do some online research especially in social media as these dance studios tend to market mainly on the same. Compile and compare the comments and reviews with other potential dance studios you are looking to go into. Dance studios with more follows and likes tends to be the more popular ones irrespective of the dislikes they gather. Do inquire to friends, family and dance groups about different dance studios. Once you get to know a fair much about the studios and at what genre they excel at it becomes easy to narrow down your potential dance studio choices.

top 10 Taekwondo classes in Singapore
top 10 Taekwondo classes in Singapore

Taekwondo Classes For Teens

Taekwondo Classes For Teens

Ildo taekwondo handles world-famous martial art, taekwondo. Through taekwondo, students not only could be physically fit but also stimulated to be indulged in a mature ego. Ildo’s education has 5 education values, which are harmony, confidence, courtesy, perseverance, and respect. Based on these values with a combination of intense discipline, Ildo stimulates students to set up self-confidence as well as to mold a healthy personality.


Traditional Taekwondo Classes

By Singapore Taekwondo Academy

The Singapore Taekwon-do Academy is undeniably the largest and oldest Traditional Taekwon-do organisation in Singapore. The Singapore Taekwon-do Academy has been promoting the original Taekwon-do martial art in Singapore since its founding in 1971, keeping to its original patterns and techniques as taught by its founder Grandmaster BS Huan. The Singapore Taekwon-do Academy is managed by a professional team of dedicated Masters, Examiners, Instructors and Administrators, whom are all Senior Black Belt Instructors themselves, each with at least 30 years of experience in Taekwon-do. The Academy is an established and professional organisation with an Administration and Operations Directorate, complimented with several core functions for Techniques, Proficiency, Grading, Certification, Tournaments, Communications, Standard Administrative and Operational Procedures. The Academy’s administrative aspect is managed by the Administration Directorate, from New Student Registration, to Applications, Membership, Certifications, Compliance and Communications.

top 10 Taekwondo classes in Singapore
top 10 Taekwondo classes in Singapore

Kids Taekwondo Classes

By Taekwondonomics

Taekwondonomics is a Martial Arts & Fitness School Specialising in Taekwondo, a Korean form of Self-Defense ; popular with Practitionals from young to old training and mastering the art all round the World. Although their School is new, our Management and Coaching Team are not. They have more than 20 years experience in this field. They are affiliated to Singapore Taekwondo Federation, a National Sports Association (NSA) recognised by the Singapore Sports Council, affiliated to Singapore National Olympic Council.


Taekwondo Classes For Tots

By Kickmatics Taekwondo

Founded by Singapore’s Former National Taekwondo Athlete Mr Jordan Tay in 2018.  Kickmatics Taekwondo is a professional full time martial arts school, that is dedicated in providing quality training and aspires to nurture our students to become elite Taekwondo athletes. At Kickmatics Taekwondo, they offer a safe and proper martial arts training environment for all ages. They pride theirselves on their passionate coaching team who are made up of former national Taekwondo athletes that have over 10 years of experience competing both locally and internationally.

top 10 Taekwondo classes in Singapore
top 10 Taekwondo classes in Singapore

Taekwondo Offsite Training Classes

By Il Jin Taekwondo

With increasing interest in the sport, Indux Taekwondo has taken lessons out of our school premises; conducting training in international schools, preschools and institutions – introducing Taekwondo as an extra curriculum. While classes are conducted in their own premises, the lesson plans remain the same. Students from these off-site programs, are similarly graded by examiners from the Singapore Taekwondo Federation during our quarterly belt promotion grading at INDUK Taekwondo. In addition, they also conduct self-defense & fitness programs to schools and corporations. These sessions are conducted within a determined time frame; and are conducted within the clients’ premises. Their Instructors are the best out there, here are some information about their grand master : Taekwondo 7th Dan, Korea National Sport University, Major in Taekwondo , Graduate School of Physical Education Korea Sports University, Taekwondo Master Qualification Course Level 2, Life Sports Taekwondo Certificate Level 3, WTF International Poomsae Level 3  Referee, 4th President, Taekwondo Master Association, 1st President of Poomsae Master Council, 2014 Korea National Team members, Kukkiwon Practical instructor, Groomed 7 Korea National Team members, World Taekwondo Hanmadang Championships 1st , Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships 1st, Woosuk Univ President’s Cup Poomsae Championships 2nd, WTF World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships 3rd followed by an overly achieved team of masters , you won’t go wrong for selecting them.


Systematic Taekwondo Classes For All

By Jh Kim Taekwondo Institute

Jae Hun Kim Taekwondo Institute was founded in 1974 by Grandmaster Jae Hun Kim in Boston, USA. Grandmaster Kim carries the tradition set by some of the most recognised Taekwondo masters in the world. He was especially fortunate to receive personal teachings from General Choi Hong Hi – the acknowledged founder of modern-day Taekwondo – and from Grandmaster Park Jung Tae, founder of the Global Tae Kwon Do Federation.They have global networks around the world and has proven to be one of the best Taekwondo schools in the world.

top 10 Taekwondo classes in Singapore
top 10 Taekwondo classes in Singapore

Taekwondo Classes For Pre-Teens

By Il Jin Taekwondo

Top Taekwondo Academy, is a place where students are able to learn at their own pace, in a nurturing and encouraging environment. Established in the year 2012, by founding Principal Master Song Jeong Ho. Since its humble inception as a small dojang in Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, the dojang has grown to establish its presence in the local Taekwondo scene, particularly in the North Eastern region of Singapore.The members of the dojang affectionately regard the school as a second home, and takes pride in the close knit community, with people from all walks of life. Despite the diversity in background, personality and lifestyle, they have learnt to pursue the sport at their own pace and have a good time learning together, taking home more than just improved knowledge and skills.


Taekwondo Classes For Adults And Juniors

By Hankuk Taekwondo

Hankuk Taekwondo provides quality Taekwondo education, headed by a full-fledged Korean Taekwondo Master Lee Seung Man. With 20 years of coaching experience, Master Lee currently holds a 7th Dan Black Belt endorsed by both Kukkiwon Korea and the Singapore Taekwondo Federation. The coaches at Hankuk Taekwondo are highly sought-after in Singapore, due to their remarkable abilities to impart the right knowledge and skills to a wide range of age groups. Committed towards sustained growth and development of all students, Hankuk Taekwondo aims to positively influence and improve the lives of each unique individual. At Hankuk Taekwondo, they are confident that you will experience an inspiring, fun and meaningful journey of self-discovery and self-improvement, infused with the true and authentic Korean Taekwondo spirit.

top 10 Taekwondo classes in Singapore

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